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CDMA, Inc Meetings

The CDMA, Inc is often referred to as the Central Avenue BID.  The Central District Management Assocaition, Inc. is an incorporated 501(c) 3 entity created to carry out the day to day business and the business plan of the CBID. 


The CBID or Central Business Improvement District is the actual assessment jurisdiction created by a local law of the City of Albany.  Funds collected by this assessment are collected by the City of Albany and are used to reimburse the expenses of the CDMA, Inc to carry out the district plan in accordance with NYS Law A19-A.



The CDMA Board has held its meetings on the same date and time for 25 years.

Occasionally once or twice a year, we will visit a location by invitation within the boundaries of the CBID.

Please check with us if you plan on attending.


The Meetings are held at 279

 Central Avenue Albany, New York 12206    

Second Tuesday of the month




The Meeting of the Board of Directors of the CDMA, Inc are held

The CDMA, Inc. Annual Meeting and Members Open house is to be held at the STEAM Garden 279

Central Avenue


December 13, 2023

11:30 AM

Please check here for updates

The CDMA, Inc. is always accepting nominations for officers of the corporation for its annual elections,

Please contact the CBID office to verify your eligibility  (proof of class of property owner or commercial tenant ) Residential Member Qualifications are available as well.

Check here for official notice to inform you of the annual meeting and elections of the membership of the Central Business Improvement District, managed by the Central District Management Association, Inc. of  Albany, NY.  The meeting is open to members and or their official designee. All information that is available at the annual meeting is also available to our members on the official company website 24 hours a day at or by request at 518-462-4300. Or in Person by request.


Members of the Association from within the boundaries of the CBID and nominations are accepted from the floor of the meeting on the date above the close of the call for nominations. The elections committee must be able to verify that the nominated member is eligible to hold a seat in the class of membership for which they have been nominated as of the last official verified Nominations for Board members are open to all census of the district held in August of the preceding year.  


The election committee shall verify that all candidates nominated are members of the voting class for the directorship position for which they have been nominated and shall be the final arbiter of the validity of any vote or nomination. Only those listed in the annual census and membership role shall be eligible to vote. Votes by proxy will be allowed as provided in section 6 of the by-laws of the association.


Nomination forms are available from the CBID office by email, or our website any time before the start of the above-mentioned.


According to the Central District Management Association Inc., a Not for Profit Corporation in the City Of Albany, and our By-Laws, Certified Property Owners (Class A) and commercial leaseholders (Tenants or Class B) as of our annual census are eligible to vote in the Central BID election of officers of the Central District Management Association, Inc.. 


Being the representative of record, you are therefore eligible to vote in the  Elections of Officers for the Central District Management Association, Inc., the governing body that oversees the operations, expenses, and programs of the Central Avenue Business Improvement District.  


Are you a commercial tenant or property owner? Take a look at the list to see if you are eligible HERE


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